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Aluminum plate desk with led illumination This construction seeks to create a practical, metal home office / gaming desk.In designing everything, i found it very difficult to find well written instructions for diy desks that weren’t gimmicks, such as”Cinder blocks and a door”, or”Hang a desk from your ceiling. “This guide is meant to be educational, easy to understand, and highly detailed. LargeDesks are heavy andDifficult to transport, thisDesk isDesigned toBe light weight, sturdy, and easy to assemble.Kee klamp joints are theBasis of theConstruction, and require only a hex wrench to attach or remove.Aluminum is the plate material, for the reasons of a)Rigidity, less flexible than steel;B)Weight, lighter than steel or hardwood;C) Soft metal, easier to polish,Cut, andDrill;D) Resistance toCorrosion orDiscoloration. This is a costly project, the total for the two desks, with parts, shipping, and tax, was around $420.This price is assuming that all plates are obtained used, not new.There is also a large investment in time, i designed and assembled everything during the weekends over two months.This does not include the cost of power tools, which are listed on step 1.The cost can be lowered by not using flanges for feet, and buying only one large plate.Despite being over $400 for two desks, it is easy to spend more than that on a low quality, particle board pedestal desk;The burden of cost for this project is time, not money. Overview ralph lauren bambini outlet and access The tools and parts used in this guide are common, what i use is not necessarily the best.If you do not own these power tools, ask a neighbor, relative, employer, or friend to borrow theirs;The dewalt angle grinder used in this guide is a borrow.Many work benches are stocked with sad, unused equipment, with owners that would be glad to see them put to use.Making this desk at a reasonable cost requires resourcefulness. Power tools jigsaw w/ 12 16 tpi blades used to cut the plates.To properly cut aluminum, you should be using a plasma cutter.As i do not have access to one, this will have to do.Blades are $8 per 5 pack at lowes, i used three blades during this project.Don’t use tungsten carbide or wood blades.Power drill drills the holes that connect pipe flanges to the plate.Two bits were used, a1/4″And 9/16″.Angle ralph lauren uomo big pony polo grinder w/ steel wire brush cleans and polishes aluminum.Since scrap aluminum comes with scratches, creating brush patterns makes it look new, reduces the visibility of wear and tear, and is quite beautiful.Mitre saw w/ steel grinding disc cuts the pipes used for the frame.A hacksaw will work, but is exhausting.Misc tools four foot level measures everything.Sharpie marks everything.Hammer for making bolts flush.Crescent wrench tightens hex nuts.1/4″Hex key tightens kee klamps.Cutting fluid makes your jigsaw cut much faster, vibrate less, reduces heat, and keeps your blades from wearing out.Acetone cleans up pen marks, dirts, and oils.Bar clamps hold the plates to a stable surface.A wood speck in your eye will eventually go away, an aluminum speck can dig in and require a trip to the hospital.I take safety very seriously, so i can continue making fun projects.Wrap around eye protection i use sunglasses, and keep my head as far back from the jigsaw as possible.Available for cheap at any hardware store.Leather gloves leather over synthetic, the metal is going to become extremely hot, especially when polishing with the wire brush.Your tools will become very hot after hours of use, not to mention sharp edges.Mine were $6 at the local hardware store.Earplugs your hearing only degrades with time, take care of it.Dust mask(Optional)During polishing a lot of aluminum dust fills the air, breathing it for awhile makes your nose and lungs stuffy.Desk materials 1/4″Aluminum plates the most difficult to obtain material for cheap.A new 4′ x 8′ x1/4″Plate costs about $400.All of the plates came from my city’s scrapyard.Every purchase situation will be different, everything can be done with one large plate;Two plates were purchased due to projects not relating to the desk.A 4′ x 8′ x1/4″Plate($107).A full desk can be made with just one of these.A 38″X 66″‘ x 3/16″Plate($31).I do not like anything lower than1/4″, this is what was available, being thinner requires more bracing.1″Overhead canopy pipe schedule 40(Structural)Pipe is available, ralph Lauren but not necessary for this project.Electrical conduit piping, if it fits the flanges, can also be used.1/4″ Diameter1″Long carriage bolts and nuts(1/4″20)Carriage bolts are smooth on top, i do not recommend hex bolts.Also acceptable are elevator bolts.List of bolt types.Kee klamps the joints that connect everything together, they use a hex screw to tighten onto a pipe and are easy to attach or remove.The difference between vendors is brand name and finish(Chrome vs.Galvanized), they all work equally well.The price difference for a 90 degree two socket tee is $12 at simplified design(Not recommended)Vs $3 at lab safety supply it adds up.Two recommended suppliers lab safety supply the cheapest supplier i could find. They sellGalvanized, good selection.Extremely fast shipping.All connectors were purchased here.Drillspot great prices, absolutely amazing customer service. They sell both brand name Kee Klamps and genericGalvanized. I bought my1″Flanges from them, but about 25% of my flanges have a hex nut that won’t thread due to defects.14x 90 Degree Two Socket Tee1″ 4x Single Socket Tee1″18x Railing Flange1″ Leds tools and parts(Optional) For ambient lighting / underglow.This step is moderately costly, but it adds greatly to the value of the desk. 3W Luxeon LED Stars;4x Red and 6x Blue.Purchased in packs of 20 from bestshop2008hk on ebay.5W 3.3 Ohm Cement Resistors Three were needed, pack of 10 from cn resource on eBay.65W 12v Laptop Power Supply.$10 w/ shipping from AdapterMonster on eBay.15 W Soldering Iron, Solder, Wire Instructable on How to Solder by noahw.Artic alumina ceramic thermal epoxy glues the leds and transfers heat to the underside of the plate.$8 w/ shipping from gigworld on eBay. In regards to the wiring of the power supply, i am assuming that you have to put a battery pack in order to lower the voltage to a level that won blow the leds?So my real question is, is there no way to create your own power supply without using a laptops?Or is the tech not cheap enough yet to create?Because laptops transfer a/c energy to d/c, so it should be cheap since going from d/c to a/c is fucking expensive as hell.


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